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After School Club

After School Club

The Deerfield Park District After School Club is for boys and girls from afternoon kindergarten through fifth grade. It offers your child the chance to enjoy the friendship of other children while you are working. You can rest easy knowing your child is having fun in a safe environment under the supervision of experienced staff.

Our supervisors take a personal interest in each child and plan activities that will help youngsters grow and develop emotionally and physically. Children in the After School Club may help make a snack, then participate in a variety of interesting activities which might include games, art, music, dramatics, or other ideas suggested by the children and leaders.

Quiet time is also provided to allow for reading, doing homework, or daydreaming. Please make sure your children are dressed appropriately for the weather, as we frequently go outdoors.

Choose from two to five days a week, from 3:25-6:00 pm. Please specify which days you want when you register. The availability of the staff and the size of the rooms at the different schools will determine enrollment limits.

After School Club begins on the first full day of school and ends on the last full day of school. After School Club does not meet on half days or days when school is not in session. Should you need childcare on days when school is not in session, please check in this and upcoming brochures for other program options. We will not provide transportation to the After School Club.

A nonrefundable $50 deposit is due upon registration. Tuition for the full school year may be paid in full or in two installments. These are due on June 15 and December 1. Emergency forms must accompany all registrations.

Location # Days Fee Contact Us
Kipling 2 $800
Kipling 3 $1140
Kipling 4 $1380
Kipling 5 $1655
Walden 2 $800
Walden 3 $1140
Walden 4 $1380
Walden 5 $1655
Wilmot 2 $800
Wilmot 3 $1140
Wilmot 4 $1380
Wilmot 5 $1655
South Park 2 $800
South Park 3 $1140
South Park 4 $1380
South Park 5 $1655


To contact us to recieve more information please select "Email Us" on the corresponding location. Unfortunantly online registration is not available for After School Club. Please visit the Jewett Park Community Center to complete register.


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