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Sachs Rec Center
Sachs Rec Center
Sachs Rec Center
Sachs Rec Center

Group Exercise Classes

Group Exercise

Group_Exercise_ScheduleFitness center members enjoy full access to group exercise classes. Non-members (16 years or older) are welcome to participate with the purchase of a one-day guest membership ($9 residents/$11 non-residents).

We offer a wide variety of classes at various times throughout the week. You can download the current weekly schedule in PDF format right here: (PDF format)


Class Descriptions

Aqua • A total body water workout designed to improve cardiovascular endurance, strength, and flexibility.

BODY By Ballroom• A dance-based fitness class  designed for you to learn different ballroom dances, feel good about your body, and discover your sassy inner dancer.

Body Sculpt • A creative interval class using light weights and cardio intervals to sculpt various body parts.

Cardio Funk • A high energy, dance-inspired cardio workout involving continuous movements to today’s current hits. It’ll make you smile and groove!

Cardio Jam • This class is a high energy total body cardio workout involving continuous movement to music. Cardio Jam can be adapted to fit your desired intensity!  Cardio is followed by cool-down, abs, and stretch.

Circuits • A circuit class with 4-5 minute intervals of hi-low movements, athletic drills, kickboxing, strength exercises, core work…

Cycle @ Lunch • 50 minutes of Indoor Cycling. What a great way to spend your lunch hour.

Cycle/Jungle Gym • 30 minutes of cycling combined with 30 minutes of Jungle Gym Suspension Training.

Extreme Intervals • This class is based on high intensity interval training (HITS) protocols, combining cardio and strength intervals. Plyometrics, body weight exercises, medicine balls, body bars and more will be used to achieve the ultimate workout!

FIT/BAR Fusion • Challenge your muscular strength with a bar while integrating muscular endurance with balance and coordination.

Hi/Lo Interval • Interval training is a key component to building strength and endurance. This new class utilizes weights, tubing, and other training tools to maximize your workout.

Indoor Cycle • An addictive high energy workout! Build strength and endurance during a non-impact ride on a stationary bike. A great component of cross training.

Just Dance • Mix 1 part old school funk with equal parts latin inspired music and today’s current hits and what do you get? An easy to follow dance experience that will get your heart pumping and put a smile on your face. Getting in shape has never been more fun!

Pilates • A mat based exercise class designed to improve core strength and stability. Emphasis on muscular balance and flexibility.

Piloxing • A challenging class that mixes Pilates and boxing into a fat torching and muscle sculpting workout.

Qigong • This is an invigorating mind-body workout consisting of stretches, breathing exercises, flowing movements and meditation. Qigong amplifies your internal energy and is beneficial for mental clarity and focus.

Step & Strength • Beginner/Intermediate step combinations mixed with toning and strength exercises.

30/30 • This workout tones and strengthens the entire body. 30 minutes each of cardio kickboxing and functional strength training work together to target all major muscles with the use of a variety of equipment.

TABATA FUSION  • This high intensity interval training class will focus on combinations of strength and cardio intervals using the Tabata format of training. Each exercise requires 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest repeated 8 times through. This class is a perfect fusion of strength and cardio to give you a full body workout.

TBC • A body sculpting class consisting of exercises that strengthen and tone the upper and lower body muscle groups.

Total Conditioning • Challenge your muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance during this 60 minute circuit style class.

Tread It • A cardio and strength class combining intervals of treadmill training (hills, flats, intervals, and sprints) mixed with sets of traditional strength training using weights, medicine balls, body bars, and more. You do not need to be a runner to participate… all levels welcome!

Yin Yoga • Yin Yoga targets the deeper more visceral connective tissues of the hips, pelvis, and lower spine. The yin poses are done almost entirely on the floor and are held for 3-5 minutes. This is a challenging but quiet practice and prepares one for sitting in meditation.

Yoga • Relax, strengthen, and soothe the mind. Focus is on flexibility, balance, and strength through postures and breathing.

Yoga Alignment • Classical yoga poses and breathing techniques to enhance flexibility, build strength, balance, and reduce stress. Special attention paid to alignment to promote healing and build body awareness.

Yoga Flow • A challenging Yoga class designed for those with prior Yoga experience.

Yoga Plus •  Focus is on flexibility, balance, and strength through postures and breathing. This class is designed for intermediate to advanced participants.

Yoga Sculpt • Equal parts Yoga, traditional strength, and core training. The flowing sequence of movements and warm room will be sure to help de-stress your body and mind. Come sweat, move, and smile.

Zumba • A fun dance based cardio workout set to great motivating music. A feel happy workout adaptable to all fitness levels.

Zumba Gold • The same great Latin styles of music and dance as Zumba Basic done at a lower intensity.



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