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Performing Arts

Deerfield Theater Squabble

Lights, camera, action! We are not strangers to the thespian crowd, the Deerfield Park District has been producing plays and events for a number of years. Including plays such as Willy Wonka, Oliver Twist, Honk and this years Deerfield Family Theater is presenting The King and I. Theater and the performing art is a great experience for anyone interested in performing in any social setting. View all of our performing arts classes on our online registration site.

Deerfield Family Theater

Deerfield Family Theater was founded by the Deerfield Park District in 2000, when we recognized the need for a live theater and moved to create a new community theater group that incorporated all the fun and excitement of a professional theater environment, alongside the neighborhood atmosphere of a family oriented setting.

Deerfield Family Theater's mission is to produce the highest quality theater experience for the Deerfield community, whether they are in the audience, on the stage or part of the production staff. All productions must be appropriate for family entertainment and have children as an integral part of the cast.

Theater D

Theater D was founded in 2005 as an extension of Deerfield Family Theater. A group of friends, having experienced the fun of Deerfield Family Theater (DFT), got together to discuss the idea of Deerfield having more than just one theatrical production each year. DFT had already targeted family theater, so the goal of Theater D was to provide a theater experience geared more towards an adult audience.

We are committed to bringing professional quality entertainment to Deerfield's own backyard. You no longer have to go downtown to experience great theater. Our mission with Theater D is to find challenging performance opportunities for adults and enjoyable, dramatic and comic theatrical entertainment for the North Shore.

Theater D performs in a cozy, intimate atmosphere at the Patty Turner Center in Deerfield.




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