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Sports & Fitness

NEW! Zumba Gold for Beginners

Enjoy Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves in this dance-fitness class. Latin-flavored music and traditional dance moves such as Salsa and Tango are combined with light aerobic movement designed to increase flexibility and build strength.

#113240-01: Wednesdays at PTC
Instructor: Marla Solarz
Date: 9/3-11/12 (10W)
Time: 6:00pm-7:00pm
Fee: $125R/$155NR
Min. 6/Max.15
No class on 9/24

NEW!Pilates for Building Bone

This mat class is specifically tailored for those with low bone density due to either osteopenia or osteoporosis and will help incorporate safe Pilates exercises into your fitness program. The class focuses on developing core strength to improve posture and alignment and reduce spinal decompression. The class will include exercises to work on balance and fall prevention. Light weights, magic circle, and other small props will be incorporated into the routine. All levels are welcome. Please know that you must be able to get down on the floor for many of these exercises.

#132805-02: Wednesdays at PTC
Instructor: Julie Lyon Chieftez
Date: 9/3-11/12 (10W)
Time: 1:00pm-2:00pm
Fee: $155R/$193NR
No class on 9/24

Hatha Yoga

Relax and release tensions from your body and mind through the practice of classical hatha yoga, which includes postures, breathing and deep relaxation.

#132801-01: Mondays at PTC
Instructor: Joy Luster
Date: 9/8-12/15 (13)
Time: 7-8:15pm 
Fee: $156R/$194NR
No class: Sect. 01: 10/13, 11/24


Tone your body as you build strength and increase flexibility. This mat class conditions your body and reduces stress while improving posture and balance.

#132805-01: Tuesdays
Instructor: Julie Lyon Cheifetz
Date:  9/2-12/16 (13T)
Time:  8:45 am - 9:45 am
Fee:  $161R/$200NR
Location: PTC
No class: 10/14, 11/11, 11/25

“Synergize” With Debra Jarett

In this new and popular class, we will stretch your body through yoga; flow with the gentle motion of Tai-Chi; and learn many different meditation skills.

#132804-03: Wednesdays
Instructor: Debra Jarrett
Date: 9/3 – 10/15 (6)
Time: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm 
Fee: $95R / $118 NR
No class: Sect. 01 9/24;

#132804-04: Wednesdays
Date: 10/29 -12/10 (6)
Time: 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Fee: $95R / $118NR
Min. 4/ Max.10
No class: Sect. 02 11/26

Tone & Firm

Improve your muscle tone and gain added strength and flexibility. Emphasis will be on the arms, hips, stomach and legs!  Location: PTC

#132804: Tuesdays / Thursdays
Instructor: Body Power
Dates: 01: 9/2 – 12/9 (13T)
Times: 6:45-7:45pm
Fees: $155R/$194NR
No class: Sect. 01 & 02: 11/11, 11/27

Dates: 02: 9/4 -12/11 (26T/Th)
Times: 6:45-7:45pm 
Fees: $304R/$380NR
No class: Sect. 02:  9/25


Tai Chi

This ancient Chinese exercise program is designed to help reduce stress, improve flexibility and balance.

#113217: Tuesdays and Thursdays
Instructor: Nancy Tobias  

01: 9/2-10/28 (9T)            10:45-11:45am $86M/$106NM
02: 9/4-10/30 (8Th)          10:45-11:45am $77M/$95NM
03: 11/4-12/16 (6T/Th)     10:45-11:45am $59/$73NM
04: 11/6-12/18 (6Th)         10:45-11:45am $59/$73NM
05: 9/2-10/30 (17Tu/Th)   10:45-11:45am $158M/$196NM
06: 11/4-12/18 (12Tu/Th) 10:45-11:45am $113M/$140NM
No Class: Sect. 04 and 06: 9/25, 11/25, 11/27

50+ Fitness Workout

Participate at your own level in our most popular, non-impact aerobic workout. Full range of motion exercises help to control weight, tone, and flexibility.  

#113201: Mondays and Thursdays
Instructor: Monday: Marla Solarz /Thursday: Diane Weber
01: 9/8-10/27 (7M)   9-10am    $68M/$82NM
02: 9/4-10/23 (7Th)  9-10am    $68M/$82NM
03: 11/3-12/15 (6M) 9-10am    $59M/$71NM
04: 11/6-12/18 (6Th) 9-10am   $59M/$71NM
No Class: Sect 01: 10/13; Sect 02: 9/25; Sect 03:11/24; Sect 04:11/27


Learn the gentle Feldenkrais Method to improve energy, reduce stress, breathe more easily, and move with more pleasure, ease and grace.

#113234: Mondays
Instructor: Joyce Ann, OT
01: 9/15-10/27 (6M) 9-10 am   $65M/$78NM
02: 11/3-12/15 (7M) 9-10am    $75M/$90NM
No Class: Sect 01: 10/13


Hula Hoop Jam

A hot new trend in fitness, Hula hooping is low impact, fun and helps improve balance and strength! Instructor: Diane Weber of Body Power

#132804: Saturdays
05: Saturday, September 13th  
Fee: $12M/$15NM
Register by: Wednesday, September 10th  

06: Saturday, October 11th
Time: 11:00-1:00pm
Fee: $12M/$15NM
Register by: Wednesday, October 8th


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