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Sports & Fitness

NEW! Zumba Gold for Beginners

Enjoy Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves in this dance-fitness class. Latin-flavored music and traditional dance moves such as Salsa, Tango and Merengue are combined with light aerobic movement designed to increase flexibility, build strength and improve balance.
Location: PTC
#213240 -01 Fridays
Instructor: Alison Margolis
Dates: Fridays; 1/9-3/27 (12)
Times: 9:30-10:15am
Fees: $125R/$157NR

Tai Chi

This ancient Chinese exercise program is designed to help reduce stress, improve flexibility and balance.
#213217: Tuesdays and Thursdays
Instructor: Nancy Tobias 
01: 1/6-2/24 (8T)          10:45-11:45am $77M/$96NM
02: 1/8-2/26 (8Th)        10:45-11:45am $77M/$96NM
05: 1/6-2/26 (16T/Th)  10:45-11:45am $149/$186NM
03: 3/3-4/21 (8 T)  10:45-11:45am $77M/$96NM
04: 3/5-4/23 (8Th)       10:45-11:45am $77M/$96NM
06: 3/3-4/23(16T/Th)   10:45-11:45    $149M/$186NM

50+ Fitness Workout

Participate at your own level in our most popular, non-impact aerobic workout. Full range of motion exercises help to control weight, tone, and flexibility.

#213201: Mondays and Thursdays
Instructors: Monday: Marla Solarz / Thursday: Diane Weber
01: 1/5-2/9 (6M)     9:30-10:30am       $65M/$82NM
02: 1/8-2/12 (6Th)  9:00-10:00am       $65M/$82NM
03: 2/16-3/23(6M)  9:30-10:30am       $65M/$82NM
04: 2/19-3/26(6Th) 9:00-10:00am       $65M/$82NM

Please note that the Monday 50 + Fitness class will be held at 9:30am and Ellen Flaxman will be substituting for Marla Solarz!


Learn the gentle Feldenkrais Method to improve energy, reduce stress, breathe more easily, and move with more pleasure, ease and grace.

#213234: Mondays
Instructor: Joyce Ann, OT
01: 1/5-2/9 (6M) 9-10am    $65M/$82NM
02: 2/23-3/23 (5M) 9-10am $55M/$69NM

Hula Hoop Jam

A hot new trend in fitness, Hula Hooping is low impact, fun and helps improve balance and strength!
Instructor: Diane Weber of Body Power
#232804-05: Saturday, January 17th
Time: 11:00-1:00pm
Fee: $12M/$15NM
Register by: Wednesday, January 14th
#232804-06: Saturday, February 28th
Time: 11:00-1:00pm
Fee: $12M/$15NM
Register by: Wednesday, February 25th

Individualized Nutrition Counseling

Now available at the Sachs Recreation Center!
For those of you who are interested in starting off the New Year on a healthy note, the Sachs Recreation Center offers the services of a registered dietician and nutritionist who has the knowledge and experience to customize an eating plan to help meet your wellness goals. If you are interested in learning more, please stop by the SRC or contact Fitness Manager, Tim Johnson at: (847) 572-2600.


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